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The Prawn Process


Fresh Prawns

Here at Brook Street Food Service, we take control of our supply chain and make sure we are sourcing from reliable and sustainable resources. In this short article we look deeper into the prawn process and look at how our prawns get from water to plate.

Our partner J Sykes and Son have been providing fresh fish service since 1862. It was Bill Sykes, the Grandson of Joseph Sykes that took the business from trading in wet fish and Dutch shrimp on the Manchester markets to delivering large quantities of fish across the country. You can read more about their history here.

The prawns we buy are either cold water, sourced from either Norway or Iceland and also King prawns sourced from India. Where Sykes have their own dedicated factory at Chirala Mandal. At the factory the prawns are frozen within an hour on arrival, ensuring the highest quality raw material. The below image shows how the process works;


The Prawn Process

Things you didn’t know about prawns


Did you know that our King prawns are called vannamei, which is whiteleg shrimp? They are a warm water prawn unlike their hardier cold water cousins swimming about the Icelandic currents. King prawns are larger than cold water prawns and are sold either nett of glaze or by the combined weight of the prawn and glaze.

Coldwater prawns are caught in the deep cool North Atlantic seas and come either single or double frozen. Single Frozen is where the prawns are caught, landed, cooked and peeled in the same day before being frozen. These prawns retain a naturally sweet flavour. Whereas, by double freezing, the process of being frozen at sea, then thawed, cooked, peeled and then frozen again. Gives the prawns a much firmer texture and are more salty in taste.

What is glaze? Glaze is a thin layer of ice surrounding the prawn to protect it from freezer burn and dehydration. All prawns require a certain level of glazing. Buying prawns nett of glaze gives a truer indication of the weight of the prawns. To understand the actual weight of the prawns that are not sold nett of glaze we use a simple calculation;

Sold weight x declared glaze % = Glaze Weight eg. 1200g x 40% glaze gives you 480g glaze weight.

Want to know more about our prawns, supply chain or weight, quantities and prices please drop us a line. Email here.