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High School in the Street!

School Caterers are taking their inspiration from the high street, with grab and go street food ideas for pupils to keep their energy up while they bounce between lessons and social engagements.


Street Food Bangkok

You know street food is on trend when a crab omelette gets a Michelin Star

Street food wasn’t always a food considered for schools, typically associated with greasy burgers and dodgy kebabs. But since the rise of the taco, a crab omelette being awarded a Michelin star in Thailand and the transient nature in how street food can keep up with moving trends has seen a shift in the creativity we see coming from the school kitchen. All, of course, endorsed by the likes of Jamie Oliver, Yotam Ottolenghi and Thomasina Miers.

The key here is to keep children on site and interested while still maintaining high level nutritional values and of course keeping within ‘the budget’. Students are becoming more savvy with their foods and through the use of social media are opened up to a multicultural menu. Street food is grab and go and similar to what secondary school and sixth formers are eating on the weekends. Once back in the classroom on a Monday they expect to see the same variety as they do on the high street. Including vegan and vegetarian options.


Less Salt and Sugar for a child friendly taco…

The easiest way to modify the school menu is to reduce salt, sugar and spices to create child friendly dishes. Trendy new flavours in Asian, Middle Eastern, North African and European cooking are an ideal place to start when looking at creating tasty options. And, of course, Children love to eat with their hands. Ditching the plate, knife and fork in favour of smart, clean and simple packaging is already showing to be popular in High Schools across the country.

Tasty Street Food Ideas


Some tasty ideas are;

The spicy bean burger wrap with lettuce, tomato, onion, salsa, sour cream, guacamole and perhaps some jalapenos for the ones that love it hot…

Perhaps a chicken taco with chilli, peppers and avocado.

And, one of our favourites. Introducing loaded fries with shredded chicken, onion, chilli and cheese sauce. Delicious.

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